Ceiling Mounted Locator Rail

  • Ceiling Mounted Locator Rail


  • This top rail is aluminium and is made in 2m lengths.
  • The standard finishes are gloss white and satin anodised aluminium.

20 kg/m

The Locator U-rail is designed to fit into most shadow lines. It can also turn your wood bordered ceiling into a hanging system in the blink of an eye. The rail can simply be mounted on to the wood with a few screws and is almost invisible.

The U-rail is very suitable for hanging white boards, advertising boards or maps. An ideal solution for a business environment.

You can choose either the more economical clear nylon hangers or the state of the art stainless steel cable hangers. There is also a choice of hooks.

Parts & Pricing

Locator u-rail

Locator U-Rail
Code Finish Length Price
CRS Silver 2.0m $18.00
CRW White 2.0m $18.00

Standard Hangers

Hangers, whether clear nylon or stainless steel cable, have ends which are inserted from the ends of the rail. They then slide along to the required position.

Prices are 'per hanger'. Hangers can be made virtually any length - prices on request.

All hangers are HL and HM compatible.

picture hanger stainless steel

Stainless Steel

Code Length Price
LS15 1.5m $5.60
LS20 2.0m $6.30
picture hanger nylon


Code Length Price
LN15 1.5m $4.80
LN20 2.0m $5.50

Clip In Hangers

Click into and out of the top rail at any desired place.

cobra stainless steel

Stainless Steel

Code Length Price
LSSC15 1.5m $6.00
LSSC20 2.0m $7.00
clip in nylon


Code Length Price
LNC15 1.5m $5.00
LNC20 2.0m $5.80

Adjustable Hooks

Adjustable Hooks
Code Desc Price
HL HL Hook $5.20
Adjustable Hooks
Code Desc Price
HM Mini hook $2.20