Which picture hanging system is right for me?

We have a variety to choose from,you can click on the products links. Most of the products have a demo video and description. The Locator art hanging system is perfect for the Domestic market. It is small and discreet. The U Rail is for ceilings. Cliprail to hang and light, great for Galleries. And the Traditional rail and rods for really heavy artworks. In Short a rail for all your hanging needs.

How many art rails do I need?

We find the simplest method is to measure the walls in meters and add 10% for wastage. Rails are easily cut with a small hacksaw. We recommend that you use two hangers per picture.

How do I select items that work together?

A complete system is Rail Hangers and Hooks. The codes and what they are compatible with are on the site descriptions. When joining lengths together you will need a connector LC ,and if the rail iIs exposed you will need end caps.

Should the picture rails be continued over doors and windows?

In most cases we suggest you continue the rails over doors and windows. Simply because it looks neater.

Do the art hangers come in different lengths?

Our standard lengths are 1.5 2m and 3 m. 1.5 is the popular length. Longer length hangers can be made to order, please ring for a quote.

What is the weight restriction on the Locator art hanging system?

The Locator art system has a maximum capacity of 25kg per lineal meter. The nylon hangers are rate an 10 kg per line and the steel at 15 kg. So by using two hangers per picture you can double it.

How do I fix the picture rails?

Fixing packs are supplied with the wall mounted systems. We supply instruction sheets for the top rail systems. Also the demo videos on the site are a good guide.

What do you do with the excess hanger?

Simply tuck the hanger into a loop and hide behind the bottom picture. This way you can re use the hanger when you change the display.

Guidance Information

  • Use 3 Mounting clips per metre;
  • Use rail connectors to join track on every length of the wall over 200cm;
  • Put Endcaps on to give a nice finish to the ends;
  • Using a pair of hangers per drop of pictures gives greater stability when the hooks on the hangers are hooked onto the D-rings on the back of your pictures;
  • Pictures can be hung one above the other, therefore calculate hook requirements as hangers times number of pictures in the drop;
  • Do not cut the hangers; simply tuck the excess behind the pictures;